iPhone & Galaxy Phone Cases

iPhone & Galaxy Cases

Each Case is an Original Hand Painted Piece of Mobile Art to Spice Up Your iPhone or Galaxy



Custom Requests

Want a piece of mobile art custom made. Just fill out the form below & we will make it special just for you! (Pet, Logo, Anything you want..) After you have completed the form you will receive an email with payment instructions & details. If you can't find this email for any reason please check your spam since it is automated. Thank you!

"I dream of painting and I paint my dreams" Van Gogh

About BrushCases

Because everyone needs an unique case on their iPhone

It is time you switched your boring phone cover for an original piece of art that adds character to your phone while also protecting it. Brush Cases are affordable pieces of art with a purpose. They are always with you so you could enjoy your art on the go. Over the years since the first iPhone we have developed an unique technique of painting the cases that will keep the paint durable and long lasting. The covers are clear sleek plastic cases that are hand painted with a special type of resistant paint that is scratch proof, peel proof and water proof so that you never have to worry about any damage to the artwork. Having a custom iphone case will help you differentiate your phone from others in a creative and artistic way.



About the Artist

Anca Barbu

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Anca Barbu is an abstract surreal/expressionist artist originally from Europe. Residing in New York City for five years, she showcased her work in many galleries as well as worked on murals, art festivals, fairs and several art collective projects. She is currently residing in Miami where the sun and the beach offers her constant inspiration. Inspired by Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock, Anca has been able to come up with an unique painting technique to make the iphone cases stand out from the others.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself."